1. He won’t tell you he loves you – or even he likes you
If he can’t express any of his feelings for you after six months, or even a year for that matter, you’ve got to face the facts. He’s not that into you. If he was, he would muster up the courage to let you know–or at least make sure you felt the same way.

2. He won’t hang out with you in public
He’s neither ashamed or afraid he’ll get caught. Either way, he is not a keeper.  (hurmmm wondering….) 

3. He is unavailable on all major holidays, include Valentine’s Day and his birthday.
Here is a hint: He’s already married otherwise get enganged. Don’t buy excuse after excuse that his mother wants to be with him on every holiday. Can’t he bring you along? And what is his excuse for Valentine’s Day? Is he getting a couple massage with his mom? We doubt it!

4. He is paranoid that you’ll read his email, look at his cell phone or see his computer screen when he’s chating… or his facebook…
This is an easy one: The man has something to hide. 
(hurmm… keep thinking) 

5. He hits you, yells at you or makes you feel like you’re not worth anything
Any one of these–or anything along these lines–are deal breakers. You deserve better. And abuse in any form isn’t love. 

sumber:: merry fairy tales


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